re: lead (in bone)

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From:Yvan Lindekens <> (by way of histonet)
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Mr Capela e Silva:

A protocol for the detection of leadphosphate in bone after intravenous
injection of leadacetate can be found in:

Schneider B J (1968): "Lead acetate as a vital marker for the analysis of
bone growth". Amer J phys Anthropol 29 : 197 - 200.

Perhaps you can use it...  The method involves fixation in NBF or
ethylalcohol 95%, decalcification in 1% hydrochloric acid with a constant
flow of H2S, cryosectioning, staining in goldchloride and mounting in
glycerin jelly. Can't give you a detailled protocol: don't have it...

Detection of lead in "soft tissues": lead salts are precipitated as
leadchromate  after fixation in Regaud's fixative. These precipitates are
said to be "easy recognizable". The method is said to be sensitive and

Yvan Lindekens.

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