disposable microtome blades

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Hey Histonetters,

Here I am again with another problem for you experts to help me with. We still
use steel microtome knives and we're having problems with our sharpener and
we're thinking of switching to disposables. We have 2 Leitz 1512 microtomes
that we love and that work perfectly, but a lotta good that does with poor
knives. We have 2 disposable blade holders, ones a tissue-tek accu-edge and
the other is a reichert-jung. So finally heres the questions:
What type, brand, company and catalog # would you recommend for the best
result using a Leitz 1512 and the holders I mentioned?
Which holders work the best with Leitz 1512?
Which blades (brand) work the best on uteri, cone (leep) specimens, bone and
other hard tissue?
We have used disposables in the far distant past and had a lot of problems
with hard and dense tissue. So any and all help, comments and recommendations
will be most welcome.
Also, any hints to aid in microtomy with disposables are greatly needed.
Thanks a million in advance,

Joel Benoit
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
FAX (413)582-2946

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