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I just forwarded your request to my husband who works with milk proteins and
has found antibodies to them before... not an easy task.

BTW, my husband has dubbed me"Slice Girl" because everytime he calls to talk
to me, I'm cutting on the microtome.  So... the music world has the Spice
Girls... the histology world has the Slice Girls.  After what I've been
doing this week, I've named myself "Brain Slice" (we have a project with the
Fish and Game Dept. looking for Chronic Wasting Disease in wild Elk and
Deer... last 2 weeks  I've been doing the elk brain and the deer brains are
coming soon).   So... Women of HistoNet... what Slice are YOU!  IMWTK
(Inquiring Minds Want To Know)  *vbg*

Connie McManus HT (ASCP)
Veterinary Diagnostics
Utah State University
Logan, UT

>Does anybody know where I can get antibody against the rat Beta-casein
>protein. Alternatively, has anyone used human Beta-casein antibody in rat
>mammary gland for ISH? Thanks in advance for your help.
>Trudy Brewer

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