Saccomanno's fixative (reply)

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We have been using Sacc's for about four years and we love it!!
You can order it through Allegiance or Surgipath - those are the two with
the best prices.  It usually is sold in one gallon increments, but
Surgipath also sells prefilled single use specimen containers.

We've found that this fixative works wonderfully on all cytology's, and
just like formalin the quicker you mix your specimen with Sacc's (we use a
1:1 dilution) the better your results.   We use it for all FNA's, urines,
bronchs, and anything "fluid" we may need to make smears or a cell block
on.  Our pathologists seem to appreciate the results.  Also (as an added
bonus) sacc's is virtually odor free!

It's worth a try!

Minde Harless
TMH Dept. of Pathology
Craig CO

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