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Hi fellow histonetters
I am really interested in preparation of tissue in resin for LM. The
resolution is great. (Although I know that epoxy resins are just as
good. Are acrylic resins better  for some situations and tissues?)
I have had a fair amount of success with a product called Historesin.
Since subscribing to the histonet I now realize that there are quite
a variety of resins for LM. I am only looking at tissue morphology at
the moment but would be interested in ICC and perhaps ISH at a later
stage. I am not sure which type of resin to continue using. I would
also like some advice on sectioning. I would like to be able to
section mostly soft tissues but would also like to try small pieces
of bone. The tungsten carbide knife we have is badly scored. I would
like to avoid using it. We have also found it quite expensive to
have resharpened. What type of disposable blades are most suitable?
I would probably have to buy a stage to take these blades for my
microtome. Can anybody give me info on the new diatome histo knife.
Many thanks
Sharon Marshall
Dpt. Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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