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Kathy Oprea wrote:
I had mentioned that ASCP does a survery every other year,
and that the last one was published in March 1997 "Laboratory
Medicine." So IF they are doing the survey again, it should
be published the beginning of 1999.

Unfortunately, I don't know if they ARE doing the survey.
No one on Histonet responded that they had received a
"random" survey, nor did anyone respond that they knew
it was being published.

So we are GUESSING at this point.

The Ohio Histology Society to doing a salary survey over
the Net. If anyone wants to contribute information, I found
their survey page at"

I didn't see any result on this page, just the survey, and
a comment that the results will be published in a future
issue of their newsletter. Hopefully, they will also
publish in a future issue of their home page.

> Good morning all!
> I am in the beginning stages of requesting an upgrade in salary for
> Histology positions here on campus. This procedure will involve a
> salary comparison survey. Did I see on histonet recently that ASCP
> or someone else would be publishing a salary survey soon? I thought
>  that I kept the message, but cannot find it in my files. Now I am beginning
>  to wonder if I imagined it!
> Thank you, and have a great day!
> Kathy Oprea
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