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 In response to the occupational asthma, I assure you I am in no way an
employer, but exactly what I individual who has been diagnosed with
occupational asthma by Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  I only wish to hear from
those that have or are experiencing asthma due to fumes or formaldehyde.  My
name is Barbara Kish, if you are still worried...I can put you in touch with
Hopkins.  This paper is merely my own experiences...the only references I may
make are that others have experienceed this as well.  I would not identify any
one..that is the beauty of the internet if you wish to remain  annonymous
that is my intent.

Its too bad that "job scare"  has been the case in so many instances why
people don't come forward on issues to protect them.  I understand how being
without a job can affect you and your family.  I can no longer be around any
fumes and am undergoing vocational rehab.  It was been quite a difficult
process.  I felt MY story needed to be shared, I don't  know yours and a b
message from you would hardly qualify me to tell your story.


Barbara Kish

Wash DC area

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