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I agree with both Trisha and Alex, and that is not to undermine Barbara's
or concerns.  I'm sure there are people that  are adversly affected by  many
aspects of their jobs.  Some are truly legitimate and SHOULD be addressed
by the
employer.  however I think there may be some individuals who would jump on
the band
wagon and persue it for all it's worth--(is this a can of worms?) hope no
one is
offended,  just MY opinion.


P. Emry wrote:

> Dear ?
> I would like more information on the condition you discribe.  I would also
> like to know who you are and who you are doing the research for.
> I think that such information could be a dangerous thing in some hands.  I
> don't have a back-up profession and a note in my employment folder could
> block future employment if/when we run out of grant money here, or when
> the boss retires.
> I would like to know if others feel this way about medical information and
> the workplace.
> Trisha
> Seattle
> On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 wrote:
> >   I am working on a  reasearch paper for occupational medicine...are
>there any
> > employees at your site or any site you know of that have experienced
>upper or
> > lower respiratory diffiiculty?  Please ...this is a viable disease and
> > occupational hazard to  our profession and we      need to protect our
> > workers   from    further hazards.  Lets unite now and protect us and our
> > environment.
> >
> >   Why am  I concerned??  I have been diagnosed with occupational asthma
>due to
> > formaldehyde overexposure and I care about you geting the same disease.
> >
> >    WRITE ME NOW!!!    with your concerns
> >
> >

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