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Gayle Callis wrote:

> < snip >
> Have never found a blade that is too sharp, if sections curl on a new
> blade, trim with a blank paraffin block to prepare the edge, but most
> of all check your angle settings for the particular blade you use.  <snip>
> Good luck and happy cutting
> Gayle Callis

 Gayle makes a very important point that is sometimes missed when you are
trying out (evaluating) different manufacturer's disposable blades.  If the
blade that you are currently using works great, and you insert a different
manufacturer's blade into the same blade holder, do not assume that the angle
of the blade holder will be universal for that particular disposable blade.
Also, carefully examine the blade holder frequently for nicks, paraffin &
tissue debris.  Do regular maintenance on the holder.  I learned from my
experience in Customer Tech Service that it is not always the "new" brand of
blade that is to blame for sectioning problems.
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