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From:Joachim Siegmund <> (by way of histonet)
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"Victor A. Tobias" wrote:

> I am forwarding this message for Kim as she is having trouble posting to
> histonet. Please respond directly to her or post on the net. Thanks
> Victor Tobias
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> Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:57:55 -0900
> From: Kim DeRuyter <>
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> Subject: Thin Brain sections
> Victor,
> I've been trying to post a question on histonet that isn't getting thru.  I
> will keep trying but in the mean time I thought you might have some good
> ideas.  A researcher hear wants parraffin sections of mouse brain cortex.
> The cortex is sliced into 350 micron sections exposed to different
> treatments, then fixed and processed as usual.  The problem is that these
> thin sections warp during processing making it impossible to get a complete
> section of the tissue.  Is it possible to keep the trimmed sections flat
> during processing?  I have never used agar.  Would embedding in agar first
> work?  Or sandwiching in sponges?  Any ideas?
> Thanks much.
> Kim DeRuyter
> Veterinary Services

Hi Kim ,

We use water based glue to fix problematic tissues on a piece of cardboard.
Works fine.


Joachim Siegmund

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