Re: Sudan red counterstained with Ehrlich's Hematoxylin

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From:Joachim Siegmund <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Roberta Horner wrote:

> Does anyone have the procedure to do Sudan red counterstained with Ehrlich's
> Hematoxylin on frozen sections
> Roberta Horner HT
> Animal Diagnostic Lab
> Penn State

Hi Roberta ,

We use Sudan 7b routinely in our lab and found that you can use nearly every
nucleus stain with Sudan if the result is blue or black .

For example :  Hematoxylin n. Mayer     stain 5 min
                      Gill's Hematoxylin          stain 1 min
                     Ehrlich's Hematoxilin       stain 4-6 min   (rinse 10 -15
min with tab water)*

Our procedure is :  50 % Ethanol    2 min
                            Sudan            15 min
                            50 % Ethanol    1 min
                            Aqua Dest.        2 min
                           any Hematoxylin
                             tab water         10 min    (if you use warm tab
water only 5 min)*

Have a nice weekend,

Joachim Siegmund

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