Re: Steamers for IHC HIER

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Come on Jim, say what you mean and don't mince your words :)
			Alex Brown

Subject: Re: Steamers for IHC HIER
Date: 28 October 1998 13:35

This is bull shit. We are being over regulated.

Jim Burchette
Subject: Steamers for IHC HIER
From: at internet
Date:    10/27/98  3:18 PM

Hello Histonet~

I work for a facility that is about to demo a DAKO IHC Stainer.  The rep
called us yesterday and told us that the CAP had just issued a new
regulation stating that steamers could no longer be used for heat
epitope retreival (HIER).  He is in the process of getting the
for us, as well as the substitute method; but I have yet to see any
documentation.  Has anyone else heard about this?  He apparently just
learned about it himself last week-end, so it is something very new.
be anxious to get some feed-back.

Sarah A. Jones
Los Gatos, CA

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