Re: Stain for Entamoeba histolytica.

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Dear David,
Iron Haematoxylin combined with a trichrome is traditional for demonstration
of ova, cycts and parasites; be it either faecal smears, concentrates or
actual bowel. Eric Kellar's comments are well worth reading.
People in Micro. routinely use Wheatley's trichrome, which is merely another
name for Gomori's one step Trichrome as listed in the 3rd. ed.  AFIP edited
by the master himself- Lee Luna. (Recipe etc. identical)
I would caution however that the pre-mordant step with Bouins is essential
if you dont use a mercuric based fixative.
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From: David Richter <>
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Date: Sunday, 25 October 1998 12:28
Subject: Stain for Entamoeba histolytica.

Greetings from, in the words of the histonet server, "a hospital
employee from an obscure locale". I have been a wallflower for several
weeks reading the digest and thought I might now be able to use your

I have a surgical colon specimen from a patient that the pathologist
wishes to test for E. histolytica. What stain or stains do you think
would be the best for me to run? I have a control that was obtained from
the CDC a very long time ago and the stain is so faded it is no longer
recognizable. My guess is it was some type of trichrome.

David B. Richter HT
Weeks Memorial Hospital
Lancaster, NH

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