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From:Patsy Ruegg <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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In my experience disposable blades are not suitable for resin
sectioning, they seem to not be held tightly enough for the hard blocks
so they vibrate too much, i suggest getting the tungsten blade
resharpened, it is $175. from Delaware Diamond Knives but will last a
long time, like the energizer bunny.  Historesin is i believe a glycol
methacrylate which works great in my opinion for good morphology but
since you do not (cannot) remove it ICC and ISH are very difficult
because you must pass through the plastic the size of the molecules (ie
antibodies) is so large that it does not penetrate well, methyl
methacrylate would be more suitable for ICC because you can remove it,
but it has many draw backs in my opinion, not the least is the toxicity,
you must have a good fume hood for mma.
patsy ruegg

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