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There has been work done in the last few years on antigen retrieval and
archival temporal bones.  These bones undergo long fixation times
(sometimes months) and may have been sitting in celloidin blocks in 80%
ethanol for decades.  Several groups have been doing this and they all
seem to use antigen retrievals of microwaves or pressure cookers or
chemical procedures.

One article I have at hand is Immunohistochemistry
of lymphocytes and macrophages in human celloidin-embedded temporal bone
sections with acute otitis media.  T. Ganbo, I. Sando, C. Balaban, C.
Suzuki, and M. Sudo, Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology,
106(8):662-668, 1997.
S.R. Shi has also been doing alot with these specimens, but I don't have
any refs. at hand.

Hope this helps,

Karen Pawlowski

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Michael J. Lyon, Ph.D. wrote:

> Looking for some advise.  Thought that may be someone out there in
>histoland has tried and been successful or at least could say what not to
> I've been given a number of specimens for immunostaining.  Several of
>them have been stored refrigerated in paraformaldehyde for years.  These
>are all human laryngeal tissues and therefore valuable.  Any suggestions
>as to treatments would be appreciated.  I know I haven't given many
>details as to what I will be looking for in these tissues.  It will be
>mainly neuropeptides and vascular components.

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