Re: NBF & Hep B, HIV, Hep C

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Dear Cliff,
Formaldehyde at 2% and higher will certainly kill the viruses you mention;
but beware the same doesn't necessarily apply to decalcifiers unless they
too have formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde present. And please note that most
of us feel that prions are unaffected by either.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 22 October 1998 6:59
Subject: NBF & Hep B, HIV, Hep C

>A nurse practitioner called me inquiring about 10% NB Formalin and / or Hcl
>bone decalcifiers.  She wants to know if either of both,  render Hep B, HIV
>and Hep C inactive.   I assume that either one does, but have nothing to
>up my assumtion.  Does anybody know the answer to this?
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Cliff Berger

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