Re: Microwave Pressure Cooker For HIER

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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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dear John,
while I have'nt seen this artifact using pressure cookers I have seen it in
Microwave recovery when I've overzapped'em, I strongly suspect it may be
protein disruption caused by sudden release of pressure with the contents
still at 121C. Rapid exhausting of autoclaves or pressure cookers is not
recommended, suggest you at least wait for the pressure gauge to read zero
or for the safety button to drop before you open the lid.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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From: John & Tracey MacKinnon <>
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Date: Wednesday, 28 October 1998 4:30
Subject: Microwave Pressure Cooker For HIER

> Has any one ever encountered nuclear bubbling when using a microwave
pressure cooker for HIER?  Have I just overcooked them??

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