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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Joseph,
two mediums that come to mind are "Eukitt" and "Entellan Neu". When I worked
in Cyto we used Eukitt extensively along with Entellan Neu (New) because
they were rapid setting and allowed oil immersion if necessary with in 20-30
minutes. We noted fading on storage with the Eukitt. Later when I went into
Histo we continued to use Entellan  (For the last 12 yrs or so), we have'nt
noted any apprecciable fading, and found that at room temperature we could
file all slides at day three or four without sticking and if we used a
warming tray they were filed the next morning. We also used the slide warmer
to "harden off" the slides same day if we had to send them off for any
reason (2-3hrs was sufficient @ 45-50C). But as I said earlier the coverslip
was hard enough  at 20-30 mins, to withstand oil immersion and wiping off
the oil, and of course also spot marking suspect cells, clumps etc without
the coverslip moving.
The Entellan Neu can be purchased from EM Scientific in the states and
BDH/Merck everywhere else. As for Eukitt, I've long since lost the
address/company name.
regards Mike Rentsch (Downunder)
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From: Saby, Joseph <>
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Date: Tuesday, 27 October 1998 10:39
Subject: Fast Drying Mounting Medium

>Fellow Histonetters-
>We are looking for a fast drying mounting medium.  The problem is that
>we turn our slides in to the pathologists in racks in which the slides
>are held upright.  With permount, even after a week of drying there are
>times the slides will get all stuck together. This mounting medium has
>to be compatible with a Hacker(R) Robotic Coverslipper.
>Thanks in advance for suggestions!
>Joe Saby, BS HT
>Parke-Davis, Ann Arbor, MI.

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