Re: Early Heart failure

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Cheryl...and all,
Are any of you doing work on heart problems in HIV patients?  If you have
any papers on it, I would appreciate your letting me.  I have a friend
that said sudden death due to HIV is being documented, but I can't find
much in the literature.  Are their special stains needed?  I am sure their
are special ways of handling tissue from HIV patients, but I haven't found
out if histology is unique in looking at hearts.


U of Washington, Seattle

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Cheryl Crowder wrote:

> Michael - Years ago, we did a Hematoxylin - basic fuchsin - picric acid
> stain for early myocardial ischemia.  This may be helpful for your panel of
> heart stains.  It was in the Mayo Clinic Proceeding, Vol. 46, May 1971, p.
> 319-327.  Results:  "After decolorization, the normal myocardium lost its
> affinity for basic fuchsin dye and was stained uniformly light brown by the
> picric acid.  The myofibrils and cross-striations were clearly visible and
> the nuclei retained the purple hue of hematoxylin".
> 	If you can't get a copy of the article, contact me personally and I
> send a copy to you.  Cheryl

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