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> Sarah Ann Christo wrote:
>   Dear Ford,
>     That was great, just one thing-who is the
>   dog and who are the seagulls???  -Sarah


The dog can be anyone who posts a message on the Histonet that starts a flaming
thread on any topic, the seagulls are all those that respond causing an
abundance of wing flapping and feathers flying.  Anyone can assume either
role.  In this particular situation, I can't remember who the dog was, and I
have long since lost count of all the birds. :)

I was agreeing with Barry Rittman and feel that we should "get back to the
business that this Histonet is famous for, the dissemination of knowledge and
the availability of expertise in several fields", topics with which we are
familiar.  Such as: semen stains, testicular needle biopsies, correct
categories for products of conception, handling of cheesy discharges, proper
grossing techniques for large gangrenous pustules, severed limbs that have been
carried away by pet animals, skirts set afire in the lab, needle biopsies
swallowed whole, methods of demonstrating mercury in tissue from dead babies, know, the GOOD stuff!!

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