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Several years ago I used the method described by Lee Luna in the Armed
Forces Institute of Pathology Manual  but I used collodion, instead of
Diatex, with great success to remove sections from broken slides.
Collodion should be available in New Zealand from your friendly BDH/Merck
supplier. Once removed the section can be mounted on to a new slide by
placing the section on a slide, removing the collodion with acetone (use
a fume hood) then simply coverslipping with one of the resin mounts, as
Roy Ellis

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Subject:  Tissue section transfer and slide repair

Fellow histonet readers,
Can someone help me please..
I have an article on removing sections from a slide that is broken.We
many class sets that we make up for our Dental students. Some of this
material is very rare. I have a number of broken slides that I would like
to save the sections and place on a new slide.

The article was written by Jack B. Wenger from the Armed Forces Institute
of Pathology.(Some years ago)

The chemicals needed are "Diatex",which is no longer manufactured, but
another product called "Accumount" can be used.  I believe that can be
purchased from Baxter Export Division. Can anyone give me the Address of
this Company,or the company please E-mail me
The second chemical I need is Duco Cement which I believe is from Fisher
Scientific, I also need the address.

I have tried the companies in NZ, but have had no luck.
I am hoping to get this project started before the year of 1998 finishes.
Ann Samways
Dept of Stomatology
School of Dentistry,

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