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Subject: Thawing frozen tissue

I will be receiving breast tissue which has been snap frozen and maintained
at -70C.  We would like to thaw the tissue and divide it for use in RNA
extraction and immunohistochemistry.  The tissue for IHC will be
subsequently fixed in 10% NBF and paraffin embedded.

I need some suggestions for how to thaw the tissue and subsequently fix it
in order to do the least possible damage to it physically and chemically.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Mary Ross
Med Micro and Immuno
Ohio State University

When we receive frozen tissue for immunohistochemistry and RNA extraction we
cut pieces from the frozen tissue - that needed for immunohistochemistry is
thawed in cold NBF and that for RNA extraction can be minced and placed in
the RNA digestion buffer; any leftover tissue is thus kept frozen for any
further studies that may be needed.
Pat Greer

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