RE: Marking pen/pencil for cassettes???

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We use Shur/Mark from BBC.  They are great. They don't dry out. They are
nice and dark.  They  have tip refills, so that you can replace the tip
instead of the whole pen.  And, unlike Secureline, they last almost forever.
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> Subject: 	Marking pen/pencil for cassettes???
> Histo-workers,
> 	We've had problems lately with our cassettes losing or fading the
> surgical numbers after processing...  I'm not sure if it's the cassettes
> or the pencils and markers.
> We've tried...
> 	*Official "Tissue-Tek" pencils, (they were the worst, believe it
> or not)
> 	*Regular #2 pencils  (some brands work better than others)
> 	*Secureline markers (which STILL fade and tend to dry out much
> too quickly)
> What have you-all found to work best?    Many thanks,  Sandosis
> PS Please don't tell me to contact the vendor, been there, done that,
> yadda, yadda,       yadda.   (Can't switch vendors either, we "have a
> contract")
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