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We decalcify with 5 % formic acid. We also infiltrate with three changes of
a mixed paraffin which is 50 % Fisher Tissue Prep and 50 % Stephens Type 9.
We then embed with 100 % Stephen Type 9. This provides us with a very firm
block which we then cut at 4 - 5 microns with a steel knife. We place the
section on one of three types of slides depending our end result. We'll use
standard plain glass slides for routine work (H & E, safrannin o-Fast green,
Trichrome. We use a positively charged silanized slide for
immunohistochemistry (e.g. Fisher Scientific Superfrost +) or a positively
charged speciality slide for IS-PCR, e.g. BD Gold Seal Ultrastick
(manufactured by Erie Scientific in the US). We do not put any additives
into our floatation baths. We place the slide onto a two stage warming
table. Fifteen minutes on the first stage which is set at approximately 52
degrees C. Then 15 minutes our until transparent on the second stage which
is set at approximately 58 degrees C.We have no difficulty keeping sections
on the slide using these techniques. Hope this helps.

Donna Montague
UAMS Orthopaedic Research
Little Rock, AR, USA

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