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From:"Steven E. Slap" <ebs@ebsciences.com> (by way of histonet)
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Dear HistoNetters,

I recieved this e-mail inquiry and can't help.  If any of you know the
answer, please address your reply to Onlysun10@aol.com, and not to me or
to the list.

Steven Slap

Subject:     hello!
Sent:        10/21/98 4:41 PM
Received:    10/21/98 4:50 PM
From:        Onlysun10@aol.com
To:          ebs@ebsciences.com

To Whom This May Concern :

	I have a question pertaining to methylene blue.  I'm a biology
student in
Upstate New York, and one of the questions I have to explain is the

When living yeast cells were placed in congo red dye and examined under
microscope, the yeast cells remained colorless.  However, when placed in
methylene blue, they became blue.  Later, dead yeast cells were placed in
congo red dye.  These cells turned red.  Explain these three

Do you have an answer for this question? Thank you very much for your
time and
consideration. I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible.

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