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From:"Steven E. Slap" <ebs@ebsciences.com> (by way of histonet)
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Dear HistoNetters,

I received this question today, and don't know the answer.  If any of you
can help, please e-mail Steve Durham directly .

Steven Slap

Subject:     Alternatives to Celloidin
Sent:        10/26/98 9:11 AM
Received:    10/26/98 9:39 AM
From:        S.E.DURHAM, S.E.Durham@newcastle.ac.uk
To:          ebs@ebsciences.com

Dear Sirs

I have discovered a method for the removal of a single layer of cells
by attachment to Celloidin. The celloidin is applied as a fluid and
allowed to dry, the cells adhere and can be peeled from the rest of
the tissue. However, the celloidin requires acetone to be removed from
the cells after this prodcedure. This prevents any detailed
histochemistry being performed on the cell layer. I wonder if there is
any alternative to celloidin that is water soluble and requires no use
of organic solvents. I would be grateful if you could help me in this
matter or point me in the right direction to someone else that may.

Yours gratefully

Steve Durham
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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