Duco cement, histo-unrelated FYI

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Oh no!!!  Doulble reed players everywhere will not be happy to hear that!!!
It is used to make reeds as well--very versatile stuff!!!


 >Hi Ann,
>I have been told by our supply people that Duco Cement is no longer being
>manufactured.  I haven't found a replacement yet.  If some one in Netland
>knows of an acetone based product like it I would like to know.  I dilute
>Duco with acetone and paint our skull (pig) collection to preserve them.
>If there is another type of product that is used for that purpose, please
>let me know.
>U of WA, Seattle
>On Thu, 22 Oct 1998, Ann Samways wrote:
>> Fellow histonet readers,
>> Can someone help me please..
>> I have an article on removing sections from a slide that is broken.We have
>> many class sets that we make up for our Dental students. Some of this
>> material is very rare. I have a number of broken slides that I would like
>> to save the sections and place on a new slide.
>> The article was written by Jack B. Wenger from the Armed Forces Institute
>> of Pathology.(Some years ago)
>> The chemicals needed are "Diatex",which is no longer manufactured, but
>> another product called "Accumount" can be used.  I believe that can be
>> purchased from Baxter Export Division. Can anyone give me the Address of
>> this Company,or the company please E-mail me
>> .
>> The second chemical I need is Duco Cement which I believe is from Fisher
>> Scientific, I also need the address.
>> I have tried the companies in NZ, but have had no luck.
>> I am hoping to get this project started before the year of 1998 finishes.
>> Ann Samways
>> Dept of Stomatology
>> School of Dentistry,
>> Dunedin.
>> NZ

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