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  <bold>Conference Announcement:</bold> 

<center><bold>Naturally Histology....What else is there to talk
about!</bold> <bold>A Symposium on Leading Edge Anatomic Pathology

<bold>June 24-27, 1999</bold> <bold>Mohican Resort and Conference
Center</bold> <bold>Perrysville, Ohio  U.S.A.</bold>



Earlier an announcement was sent out in error.  This is the corrected
announcement that should have been emailed earlier this week.  In the
announcement in error it was stated that there will be erotic histology
topics with an age requirement of 18 years old.  That is not
true!...There will not be any eroticism or age requirements.    The
Histology Society of Ohio is well respected as an approved ASCP CMLE
organization with the highest quality lectures, workshops and
conferences.  They have been recognized throughout the world for
offering the best educational opportunities for a state organization in
respect to the high caliber of speakers, the timeliness of topics, and
attendee satisfaction.  This year will not be an exception to our
reputation.  Actually, we have raised our standards this year in
response to our member requests due to institutional reimbursements and
travel expenses to out of state meetings.  So our attendees will get an
excellent conference with an inexpensive tuition and it is easily
accessible.  I'm truly sorry that the other announcement was circulated
and hope that it did not offend anyone.  We look forward to seeing you
all at HSO '99. 

<bold>Lecture Focus:</bold> 

Advances in Cervical Cancer Screening Criminal DNA Testing Diseases and
Lesions: A Clinical Perspective Diversity in the Workplace Hair
Forensics Infectious Diseases Introduction to the Internet Paternity
Testing Selecting the Right Equipment 

<bold>Technically focus:</bold> 

Automated Immunohistochemistry Automated Special Stains Basic
Immunology Environmental Histology Ergonomics Flow Cytometry Gross
Dissection Image Analysis Immunology Troubleshooting Microwave
Processing Microwave Technology MOHS Surgery Osteohistology PCR Testing
Safety and Disposal of Medical Materials Veterinary Pathology Wildlife
Forensic Discovery      


<bold>If you wish to receive a brochure, please fill out our brochure
request form at</bold> <<> 

<bold>Visit the Histology Society of Ohio Conference Web Site at</bold>
for more information and to register for the program. Programs will
circulate in January!



<bold>Contact Information:</bold> 

Elizabeth Wenig Exhibit and Conference Coordinator & Lisa Counts
Registration Coordinator 111 South Grant Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43215
USA Phone: 614.566.9177 Fax: 614.566.8862 <<>

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