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  <bold>Conference Announcement:</bold> <bold>Naturally
Histology....What else is there to talk about!</bold> <bold>A Symposium
on Leading Edge Anatomic Pathology topics and Erotic Histology</bold> 

June 24-27, 1999 Mohican Resort and Conference Center Perrysville,
Ohio  U.S.A. 

<bold>Lecture Focus:</bold> 

The HSO has developed a new methodology for conference presentations
for the next millenium.  In addition to our leading edge technical
workshops where our members are exposed to the latest information and
technical procedures presented by world reknowned speakers, we will
present a focused lecture series.  The 1999 lecture series focus will
be <bold><italic>Erotic Histology</italic></bold>, where our presenters
will discuss sexually oriented topics and their relationship to
histology and how histological associated techniques were used in
tests. (<bold>Must be 18 to attend</bold>) 

<bold>Technically focus:</bold> 

Automated Immunohistochemistry Automated Special Stains Basic
Immunology Environmental Histology Ergonomics Flow Cytometry Gross
Dissection Microwave Processing Microwave Technology 

<bold>Speakers include</bold>: 

<bold>Image Analysis</bold> James Leary, University of Texas,
Galveston, TX 

<bold>Osteopathology</bold> Thomas Bauer, Cleveland Clinic Foundation,
Cleveland, OH 

<bold>Paternity and STD Testing</bold> Marcia Eisenberg, Lab
Corporation of America, Research Triangle, NC 

<bold>Wildlife Forensic Discovery</bold> Peter Dratch, MD, National
Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab, Ashland, OR 

<bold>Hair and Arson Trace Analysis</bold> Michael Trimpke, Hamilton
County Coroner's Office   

If you wish to receive a brochure, please fill out our
<<> brochurerequest form at

Visit the Histology Society of Ohio Conference Web Site at
for more information and to register for the program. 

<bold>Contact Information:</bold> 

<<> Elizabeth Wenig Exhibit and Conference
Coordinator & <<> Lisa Counts Registration
Coordinator 111 South Grant Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43215 USA Phone:
614.566.9177 Fax: 614.566.8862 <<>

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