Apoptotic markers

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From:perry maxwell <P.Maxwell@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK> (by way of histonet)
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To all in Histonet.

As you all know, apoptosis is a complex process (emphasis on the word
process) with many known and yet to be discovered molecular
participants. It is a rich field for the researcher covering aspects
from DNA integrity monitoring, acivation of either apoptotic or cell
arrest pathways and activation of caspases either from internal
triggers or external triggers such as the Fas family. Looking for a
simple apoptotic marker, therefore, irrespective of the host(human or
animal) is loike looking for the holy grail - great idea which
generates more knowledge but always proves to be elusive. The answer
from my point of view must be a panel approach - to date I recommend
something in the order of six antibodies + TUNEL + morphology + cell
culture experiments. As I said, a great rich field for the eager

Perry Maxwell FIBMS PhD
Royal Group of Hospitals Trust
Belfast. N.Ireland

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