mesh processing cassettes

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From:Robin K Ryan <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Dear John,

We have been using the mesh processing cassettes for about two years now
and have never experienced any problems with processing.  I will give you a
couple of tips that we discovered from using them though and maybe this
will also help anyone that had problems with them.  First, we only use them
for small biopsies that are not full of mucus or blood (any type of endo.
currettings). Second, we have found that if you will dip them in water for
just a second before putting the tissue into them it breaks the film that
is on the screen and allows the solutions to better flow through them.  Our
pathologist "pours" the specimen through them to filter the formalin with
no problem.  We have never had any problems with water carryover in the
processing cycle so ours process fine.  I don't know what brand you are
interested in trying or using but if I can help with that just let me know.

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