alpha smooth muscle actin antibody

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From:Heather McKinnon <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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	We use Sigma A2547 alpha smooth muscle actin antibody on a range
of human tissues, including lung. I've also used it on mouse and rat
tissues in the past. Use it at 1:400 dilution for 1hr at 37C, followed
by 1:200 dil of an anti-mouse IgG HRP conjugated second antibody (also
from SIgma) for 1hr at 37C (room temp is fine too for these
incubations). Don't use an amplification system (eg ABC) it isn't
necessary and will give you lots of background staining. Antigen
retrieval is not necessary, the staining is similar with or without it.
This protocol works well on frozen and paraffin embedded tissues.
	This is one of the best antibodies I've used in terms of crisp
staining and completely clean background.
			Good luck.........H

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