Substance P

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From:Liz Sabin <> (by way of histonet)
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Hello all,

To the person who asked for information regarding a source of
Substance P antibody (sorry, I deleted your original message) - the
following may be of use, although I can't remember the exact details
of your request:

BioGenex do a rabbit anti-human polyclonal substance P antibody.
The company sells several versions of this antibody, but the one
which is used in my lab is the "Super Sensitive Ready to Use"
antibody (pre-diluted), catalogue no. AR069-SR.

We incubate for 30 mins, following microwave antigen retrieval in
10mM Citrate buffer pH6 for 3x5 mins.

In the UK, BioGenex products are distributed by Biomen Diagnostics
(Tel. 0118 973 0013) and in the US I believe you can deal with
BioGenex directly (Tel 800 421 4149).

Hope this helps!

Best wishes
Liz Sabin
Liz Sabin
Department of Pathology
University of Edinburgh
Medical School
Teviot Place


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