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     For iodophor solution, try your local homebrew store.  A good cheap
     alternative is 10% hypochlorite bleach, although this can corrode some
     steels.  The Iodophor solution will discolor some plastics (my
     polyethylene primary fermenter being one)



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Subject: Re: Sterilization Solution
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Date:    9/30/98 7:45 PM

Dear Joe,
because of the high risk of sensitisation with Cidex and other
Glutaradlehyde products, I would advise most strongly against these types of
products despite their effeciacy. Most appropriate would either be Water or
alcoholic based chlorhexidine solutions (also known as Cetrimide TM ICI);
these are available pre-formulated with one of these being extensively used
in the Dairy Industry as an udder wash incorporating a detergent. Iodophor
compounds would not be an appropriate choice for instruments. Whatever is
used it is imperative that the instruments be scrupulously clean before
sterilisation. As a starting point for a supplier I would suggest either
Baxter Healthcare or Johnson&Johnson.
Regards Mike Rentsch (Spanner)
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Date: Thursday, 1 October 1998 3:03
Subject: Sterilization Solution

>A colleague has asked me to post a question for a friend of hers who
>works in a private vet's office.
>Specifically, she wanted to know if what would be the best sterilization
>solution for surgical instruments.
>Thanks in advance for your information.
>Joe Saby, BA HT
>Parke-Davis, Ann Arbor, MI

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