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Tuesdays in Madison, WI. And they have a web site:


>>I give up!  No one else is asking so maybe I'm the only one in the dark
>>about this.  What is the Red Green Show??  Is it strictly a west coast
>>phenomenon?  My curiosity is piqued as the ones who know seem to think it
>>is hilarious.
>It's on PBS Saturday nights.  Spoofs home improvement shows, men's bonding
>rituals, etc.  It's a riot.  My husband discovered it in our family and it's
>been part of our must-see TV in our home ever since.  It comes out of
>One of the big things on the show is the innovative uses for duct tape.  My
>husbad rigged up his very own Red Green cup for me once... he took an
>ordinary paper cup, wrapped duct tape around it to give it a handle.  I was
>impressed.  My husband, whose name is Bill, also does a pretty good Red
>Green immitation, too.
>Connie McManus

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