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>I give up!  No one else is asking so maybe I'm the only one in the dark
>about this.  What is the Red Green Show??  Is it strictly a west coast
>phenomenon?  My curiosity is piqued as the ones who know seem to think it
>is hilarious.
It's on PBS Saturday nights.  Spoofs home improvement shows, men's bonding
rituals, etc.  It's a riot.  My husband discovered it in our family and it's
been part of our must-see TV in our home ever since.  It comes out of

One of the big things on the show is the innovative uses for duct tape.  My
husbad rigged up his very own Red Green cup for me once... he took an
ordinary paper cup, wrapped duct tape around it to give it a handle.  I was
impressed.  My husband, whose name is Bill, also does a pretty good Red
Green immitation, too.

Connie McManus

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