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We use India Ink and a very fine paint brush.  I have also seen some posts here
on the 'net regarding tatoo inks and someone mentioned that there is a company
that sells special inks for Histology.  I foget what the name of the Co. is
though :-(

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Hi 'Netters-

I've never had to do this so I am going to ask all of you.  What do dye you
use to mark tumor margins?  I've often received blocks where the tissue
looked like it had been dipped in alcian blue when it was grossed in.  I've
also heard of eosin being used.  I would prefer to have something darker
than eosin.  What I am planning on doing is resecting some mouse tumors,
dipping them in something so I know which end is which, fixing in the PLP
fixative (periodate-lysine-paraformaldehyde) and then processing to

Any suggestions?

Thanks alot!

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