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>After the block was found, then what happened?  Knocked her "block"
>off verbally, proverbally, reprimanded or impeached (the popular thing
>these days!)
>Gayle Callis

Well , I was only responding to the fact that blocks have a strange
attraction to lab coat pockets... it's the first place I look for missing

What happened to my adversary?  Well,  because it could not be proven
whether  she maliciously set me up or if the block accidently fell into her
pocket, her nastiness toward me was let go... shuffled under the rug... Or
so I thought until some time later (less than a year) when the old
supervisor retired.  M. was in line to be supervisor, but she was denied the
position.   All the malicious little things she had said and done (not only
about me, but everyone else who was working with  her at that time) was made
note of... afterall, she was next in line to be supervisor and someone was
keeping notes on her behavior.  After this big blow, she just left work...
no goodbyes or even a 2 week notice.  Even though she put me through Hell, I
thought it was very sad to see that no one cared to say goodbye to her.

Connie McManus HT (ASCP)
Utah State University
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Logan, UT

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