Re: Vendors....last email from me, delete if uninterested! I promise :o)

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                  Obviously you have misunderstood my intentions and/or
communication was not clear here! I never "bashed" you or your company for
offering your expertise or your products on the Histonet or any other
listserver for that matter, I simply do not feel it is "professional courtesy"
to call one at work when one did not offer even a phone number and/or even a
product RELATED comment. I personally have not been contacted from a vendor, I
was however contacted by a "headhunter", hence, my email. The vendor mention
was in reference to another email I received regarding another tech who was
solicited by a company "pushing" their product and didn't feel it was
acceptable, I apologize if I was unclear.
                    I am sure your company has contributed significant amounts
of money
to these organizations, no need to strike up a defense on my account! However
isn't that a part of advertising, much like your "sales strategy"? But you are
correct, unfortunately my laboratory has a vendor contract, much to my
repugnance, and I do not have much choice in the way of products. If things
were different, I might even give your company a try, you seem to defend it
with pride.......

**"Perhaps you would rather stick your head in the sand and buy your
laboratory necessities from one single source without regard to price, service
or quality.  Perhaps your lab runs without problems and you never need to
speak with a company rep.  That's good for you. However, there is no need to
get all worked up and nasty about it.  By the way, call me anytime you like if
you have a problem. I'll even pay for the call."**
                     Now WHO is getting all worked up and nasty?? Good sarcasm
is always appreciated here!  :o)

                      Let's get back to technical questions and answers, what
this list was intended for.......I apologize for the lengthy debate in which I
started!! (Please don't damn me!!)  :o)

Lead Histo Tech

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