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From: Ford M. Royer <>
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Date: Thursday, October 15, 1998 12:50 PM
Subject: Re:Vendors

>Alluding to the analogy that I believe Russ Allison made a while back,
>...the dog has now run through the flock of seagulls and returned home.  It
>is time for the birds to settle back down on the beach and go about their
>business, while the tide ebbs and flows peacefully until it is time, once
>again, for the dog to be let out to run along the shore.    :)
>Barry Rittman wrote:
>> Might I suggest that we discontinue the discussion re vendors?
>> Most vendors have, and will continue to use their common sense in their
>> interactions with the Histonet.
>> Let us get back to the business that this Histonet is famous for, the
>> dissemination of knowledge and the availability of expertise in several
>> fields.
>> thank you.

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