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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Russ,
	No, it probably isn't 'good practice', but we do it anyway. We
average just under 200 blocks /day with a maximum of around 400/day and
it saves a fair bit of time at the cutting stage. As we are all under
pressure to get reports out ever quicker it's a step we felt we had to
take. It does introduce a greater chance of error, in that the wrong
section could get picked up on the wrong slide, but that should be
picked up when the slides are checked against the blocks. Mistakes do
happen, but even writing the slides as you cut, the wrong number can be
written on the slide.
     It is a question of concentration and care, however the more
pressure people are put under to work faster, the more errors can creep
( 100blocks/hour ?? - frightening !  :)  )
			Alex Brown
			Crosshouse Hospital
			Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Subject: Re: Blocks per Hour
Date: 05 October 1998 14:31

I think we have been here before, but is there a consensus that it is
good practice to pre-label slides before putting sections on them?
Russ Allison, Wales

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