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From:Janice Mahoney <> (by way of histonet)
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We do approx 50,000 paps per yr.  Our turn around for outside cases(not
collected in the hospital but at dr. offices etc.  is 2-3 days from the
time we recieve the specimen and when we complete the report.  Sometimes we
will extend that up to a week at the most if we have people on vacation or
if there is a weekend and/or holiday involved.
Jan Mahoney
At 02:29 PM 10/9/98 -0400, Beth Sheppard wrote:
>I need to know what the average turn around time for a Pap
>smear is for different size hospitals .
>Thanks in advance for the information.
>P.S.  Thanks to all that inquired about the used instruments.
>I am checking them to be sure they hold temperature and I will
>let you know the outcome via E-mail.
>Beth Sheppard
>NCBH/BGSM Pathology Department
>Medical Center Blvd.
>Winston-Salem, N.C. 27157

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