Re: Murphy's "missing specimens"

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From:Michelle McCafferty <> (by way of histonet)
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	This one definitely gets the EEE-GADS! award.  I thought the skin
punch biopsy in the trouser leg cuff was bad (gross), but this one is a real
stunner.  Yikes!


Michelle McCafferty
Marine Biological Laboratory
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On Mon, 5 Oct 1998 wrote:

> The recent recollections of how patient specimens go missing remind me
> of my earlier (I'm not that old) days at another hospital, when our
> prosectionist was attempting to bisect a referred-in, formalin-fixed punch
> biopsy of skin.  As you all know, fixed tissues are somewhat rubbery.  In
> order to describe the specimen more adequately, she brought her head
> closer towards the bench and proceeded to speak at the same time as
> her scalpel blade touched the biopsy.  B-O-I-N-G!!!!!  She tiddlely-winked
> that piece of skin into her mouth, gag-reflexed, and swallowed it whole.
> The final report only stated "specimen lost in processing".

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