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Some years ago, a suicide jumped in front of the local passenger train
adjacent to our hospital. We got the autopsy (in pieces) also being the
regions' Coroner's Lab- these are always nasty being bits and pieces and
identification of all parts is not always complete.
A fortnight later looking out the 3rd floor Histo lab window, we noticed a
lot of flasing blue lights two blocks away in the residential area and
police buisily cordoning off the area, complete with D24 branch. Turns out
they thought they had a homicide, because of what a pensioner dug up in her
vegie garden; in actual fact Rover the next door labarador had discover the
lower leg of the suicide and carted it off and buried it for later.
We were asked by police if we could identify it as belonging to the suicide,
all we could manage was a blood group and left it all to probability as
originally we were not able to account for the lower left leg below the
Mike Rentsch
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Date: Wednesday, 7 October 1998 11:51
Subject: RE: Missing Specimens

>A former hospital in the area didn't really loose a specimen before
>processing, but...  The hospital used a particular company to transport
>waste specimens for incineration.  All the specimens were disposed of
>properly except for one bag that was inadvertently left on the loading
>No one really knew it got left until a dog was spotted running down the
>street with a foot in it's mouth!!
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