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Once had a set of slides on a case disappear for several months.  The pa
thologist picks up her dry cleaning, and wears a jacket she hasn't put
on in months and guess what case is in the pocket?  It wasn't a lab coat
by the way, just a street jacket she didn't wear very much.

Linda Jenkins wrote:
> I certainly hope someone is keeping a file on these "missing specimen"
> stories.  My hats off to the woman who swallowed the specimen!  However, I
> do have a good one to share.  We had a very absent-minded pathologist  and,
> while grossing an entire colon, he accidental stepped on the floor pedal
> for the water control (instead of the floor pedal for the dictating
> machine) and washed the entire colon down the drain!  A phone call and
> quick trip to the local sewer system station retrieved the specimen and all
> ended well.  We also had a screen put over the sink drain.
>                                 Linda
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