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> Has anyone had any experience using the mesh cassettes for small and biopsy
> types of specimens??  Do lids ever open, do you ever have problems with air
> bubbles?  thanks in advance.

We've tried the yellow mesh cassettes sold by Tissue Tek, and the
mesh biopsy capsules solf by Leica. We wanted something to put small
endoscopic biopsies into, as an alternative to wrapping in Cellsafe,
or using sponge rectangles.

We had a few mishaps with the yellow cassettes, specimens tended to
escape. This might be down to us not closing the cassettes fully. The
mesh capsules have not had this problem. I prefer the capsules,
especially if you can persuade clinicians to place biopsies into
capsules prior to fixation. Lab staff can then just drop capsule into
labelled cassette for processing.

We still use the mesh cassettes, but find them most useful for things
like endo currettings. Give the mesh a squirt of alcohol, to defeat
surface tension, then filter contents of formalin pot through the mesh.

I've seen air bubbles in the mesh cassettes, but doubt these last
long in the vacuum/pressure cycle of our VIP or TP1050.

All the best, Richard, Worcester Royal Infirmary

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