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To All,
     Mercury is a heavy metal. Like other heavy metal toxins I think it
should be found in adipose tissue, and the best sources to find it
would be the brain and the liver. The symptoms given in the Merck
Medical Manual for acute mercury poisoning includes severe
gastroenteritis, burning mouth pain, vomiting, colitis, nephrosis,
anuria, uremia. There are skin burns from alkyl and phenyl mercurials.
The kidney, in fatty tissues, may also have some trace mercury. Since
routine processing dissolves most fats, it might be best to try frozen
sections. As for an actual staining method, I haven't found one amoung
my own literature.
       Paul Lockwood
You wrote:
>On Thu, 08 Oct 1998 19:00:13 -0700, A. Mark Briones wrote:
>>Has anyone been able to demonstrate tissue deposition in acute,
>>chronic mercury poisoning cases? Does anyone have a good tissue stain
>>mercury deposits, our pathologist would like to demonstrate
deposition if it
>>can be stained? Kidney? Liver? Brain?  Are there any tissues in
>>"banks" that has demonstrated positive mercury staining so I could
>>any finding on this unfortunate case?  Thanks.
>what about back-scattered electron imgaging? We do this as element
analysis to show the content of Ca,
>Fluor in bone. I' ll ask my REM technician on monday if it is possible
with mercury too.
>				Dr. Alexander Nader
>			           Rossauer Laende 35a/32
>				     A-1090 WIEN

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