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John's advice is basically true, but the best place to send a spam report
is to "abuse" at the domain from which the spam was sent. For instance,
this morning's spam (on another list) came from:

To: user@the.internet

Ignoring the "To" field, a "Please remove this spammer from your servers"
message was sent to:

This usually gets the spammers account(s) quickly closed.

The headers do need to be examined to make sure they're not bogus-fake
addresses are usually told as they often contain some reference to the
sender or content of the spam.


>  Whatever you do, DON'T reply directly to any email
>  spam, and NEVER follow the advice to send a message
>  with "remove" in the Subject line"  This will confirm
>  that your address is still active, and the spamming
>  will increase. Send spam reports to the postmaster
>  of your own email server, who should know what to do.
>  If someone telephones you because of an email, report
>  him/her to everyone you can think of, and tell all
>  your friends never to buy anything from that
>  company again. Tell the wretched telemarketing kid
>  to tell his miserable boss that there are no takers.
> John A. Kiernan,
> Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
> The University of Western Ontario,
> LONDON,  Canada  N6A 5C1

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