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<<leave the soliciting on the "net"!  I would have never been upset had I
received some email via my name on the list, but SOLICITING ME AT WORK IS
UNACCEPTABLE! So.......Vendors and so called "Head Hunters" BEWARE! HISTO
TECHS UNITE!!!!!!!           >>

Once again, vendor bashing has raised its ugly head!

This seems very bizzare and offensive to me.  Our company has contributed
significant amounts of money to the histonet.  We pay thousands of dollars to
exhibit at the NSH symposium every year and we are swamped by histotechs
asking for free handouts such as coffee mugs and teddy bears and samples of
our products.   I personally get online every morning to field questions that
might concern my products or my expertise.  We have hundreds of customers,
each with different experiences.  This knowledge is valuable to histotechs who
are experiencing difficulties.     I offer advice, samples of products,
methodologies,  copies of techinical articles, all free of charge.

Perhaps you would rather stick your head in the sand and buy your laboratory
necessities from one single source without regard to price, service or
quality.  Perhaps your lab runs without problems and you never need to speak
with a company rep.  That's good for you.  My job is to manufacture and market
the best products I can.  Telemarketing is a large part of our sales strategy.
We gather phone numbers and adresses from whatever sources are available.  If
we call you, and you don't wish to speak with us just say so.   However, there
is no need to get all worked up and nasty about it.

By the way, call me anytime you like if you have a problem. I'll even pay for
the call.

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp

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