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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
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You are not alone, you can process it as you would normally, it's just that
it may be more brittle than what you're used to. So keep your trimming fine,
and pre-soak the face of the block either on ice-water or wetted ice for
10-20 mins before sectioning.A comment by another colleague that they
"Breadslice the Spleen" is critical and I would also advise that you pack
between the slices with Kimwipes or a similar inert porous material.
Regards Mike Rentsch
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From: Marykay Olson <>
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Date: Friday, 9 October 1998 1:51
Subject: Formalin

To All:
  One of the grad students accidentally put rabbit spleens in 37%
Formaldehyde instead of 10% NBF. Are they ruined ? What happens to them? Is
it still possible to process them for paraffin embedding? Any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated.
     Thanks much.
         Mary Kay Olson
         CBN and Anatomy
          Loyola Univ. Medical Center

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